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The Future of Money

OBX Global is building a vibrant and robust platform not seen before in the history of mankind. We know it sounds out of this world and it is...OBX is the future of money and that money will pay you to use it!

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OBX Global is protected on multiple layers by an advanced A.I. Machine learning encryption algorithm and AWS guardians.

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OBX Global is the ONLY platform on the planet that Pays you to use your money . We are developing relationships worldwide to conquer the last great obstacle for Cryptocurrency!

Merchant to Consumer Acceptance !



 A great idea never dies. It just transforms into something new and better! When I first launched OBX Coin on June 1, 2018 and the OBX Wallet on July 4, 2018, I wanted to create something truly unique in the crypto space that both novices and enthusiasts could get excited about. I was looking to create raving fans who would need, appreciate, and use OBX in their everyday lives. In so doing, I knew that once they realized the immediate rewards associated with the coin, they would refer all their friends and merchant relationships. No other coin pays you to use it the way we do. Consumers who use OBX Coin realize an immediate 8% back. Merchants also receive rewards when accepted in their place of business. The point is, I wanted something that would help ALL humanity in ways no other coin has been able to replicate.

    There is an old axiom that says, violently execute an imperfect plan! That was how I launched OBX. I needed to get it into the hands of the masses, so I leaped head long into getting the coin to market as fast as I could. It wasn’t long before I realized I needed additional development and marketing on a global scale due to the initial popularity of OBX Coin. So shortly after starting merchant acquisition and launching the coin on a couple of exchanges in the last quarter of 2018, I dissolved Omminni, the parent company of the coin, and began a 6 month + refocus on what I was doing, with the sole intention of improving the coin, its security, scalability and marketability for the global marketplace. Most importantly, I sought a new team that shared my belief, vision and tenacity for OBX and the making of it into a global powerhouse brand.

    In the next 2-3 months, that vision will be a reality as we enter a new phase of our evolution, a new coin, some new enhancements, and exciting new plans with you in mind. Read till the end, especially if you were a purchaser of OBX Coin on our previous launch. We have a surprise for you!

    What follows are some of the characteristics and enhancements of the new OBX Coin. The first and most obvious change I had to implement was to create our own private blockchain for OBX to make it more secure and scalable. Second, to make OBX a true utility coin, in the sense that it works just like a dollar and has the same stable value. If you buy something for $10 with USD, you would use 10 OBX, which also equals $10. The difference being that not only does the consumer get back 8% in rewards, but you’ll have a choice as to how you receive those rewards. 

 This is an exciting enhancement we at OBX are very proud of, and it works like this. Once a consumer has downloaded our ultra-secure wallet and has decided to purchase and use OBX, they will be prompted with a question, “Would you like to receive your rewards back intoyour wallet” (for the added purchasing power the 8% reward provides), or “do you want it sent to an exchange” (one of the exchanges OBX will be listed on)? If you choose an exchange, the coin you will receive is what we are calling OBXX, or as we affectionately call it, OBX-Xtra! 

 The concept is simple, and it’s called choice & flexibility. You can either take your rewards back into your wallet to spend, or if you prefer the possibility of appreciation, you take it in the form of OBXX (our tradeable coin on its own separate side chain) on one of the exchanges, where you can then exchange it for any other coin you desire, or cash it in for fiat (USD) if you so choose. Put another way, you’ll get to choose between a spendable and stable coin with a $1 value, or take your rewards in a tradeable coin that has the ability to appreciate in value. The best of both worlds! Imagine the possibilities! As people all over the globe decide to take their rewards in the tradeable coin, the capitalization of the coin will be ever growing, thus greatly increasing the possibility of appreciation.

    From a security standpoint, OBX coin is a true utility coin as part of what is called a, “Closed Loop Gift Card System”, and is thus exempt from being classified as a security, thereby eliminating the multitude of problems associated with new coin launches that are a security and subject to regulatory oversight. I guess that makes us more secure and easy to use than a credit card, and as rewarding as a cryptocurrency. 

    We have so much planned for future development, but don’t want to spoil future surprises, so stay tuned and stay in touch with us on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn. If you know anyone out there that has purchased the OBX Coin during its original rollout, please have them go to our website at, and have them fill out the form on the home page so that we may honor their original investment. Please note that it is your original investment dollars and not the amount of OBX Coin you received for those dollars that we will be honoring in new stable value OBX Coin. Wherever possible, we will need authentication of your investment amount for verification purposes.

In closing, I want to thank each and every one of you that has supported the coin in the past and those that will support our new launch going forward. After all, we do it for you, as OBX Coin is the people’s money!

Best regards,

Linwood Mann

Founder – OBX Global

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