Bringing real currency to crypto


We are now live on forkdelta.app and EtherDelta.com, with at least a dozen or so exchanges coming in the future.

We are not yet on the ticker on the 2 current exchanges, so to view the coin, you’ll have to do the following:

  1. Click on the dropdown coin menu, scroll down to the bottom and click “Other.”
  2. Input our contract address: 0xad29D26B081204Ba2D1Da9e86101DDa69ec835D5
  3. Input OBX in the token window
  4. Input 18 in the decimal window
  5. Click “Go”

If you choose to buy OBX on these exchanges, you’ll need to get an ERC20 wallet if you haven’t already. If you have an ERC20 wallet ( we recommend a hard wallet or the secure wallet in our app, which is live on google play here: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.obx.coin, the App Store under OBX coin, or the web app at https://app.obxcoin.io) and haven’t yet gotten your OBX in that wallet, fill out the form at the bottom of this page.

That all being said, we have some recommendations:

OBX is not meant to be traded on exchanges. Instead, it was created to be the most user-friendly decentralized, borderless currency in the world and, with our ultra-secure and user-friendly app, this revolutionary currency will will be taking the world of money by storm, so we’d be stockpiling OBX now. It’s still a steal with all that is to come.

Also, to sell now would prevent you from taking advantage of the coming industry specific forks (the first one comes out in July), 4 0f which will occur just this year, and by the end of the year, you’ll have 400% more OBX related coins if you hold onto what you have. Don’t be shortsighted and miss out.

Lastly, since we are not yet listed on the tickers of the 2 exchanges, we expect a low volume until that time as people who live under a rock and don’t yet know about OBX won’t be able to view it. We expect a huge uptick in volume at that point. 

Buy OBX. HODL OBX. Spend OBX. It’s your money. 

Buckle up. It’s about to get really fun! 

We appreciate each and every one of you. You make OBX what it is!

Thank You

Thank you for your acceptance and faith in OBX! We are humbled by the excitement and support in this world changing project.

We want to take this opportunity to state that from the very beginning, until now and for the future of OBX and all forks to come, that the sole intent and purpose of OBX is to break the mold and to be a truly game changing currency to be spent everywhere money is used; the high volume markets of charity, groceries, travel, fuel, etc. 

It was our intent and the dream is fast becoming reality.

Decentralization allows those who hold it to have instant, borderless access to goods and service the world over without need for credit cards, debit cards, or banks in general, which can prove to be abysmally slow and outrageously expensive.

OBX is quickly shifting from the currency of tomorrow to the currency of today. 

Hodl OBX. Spend OBX. It’s your money.


Team OBX

Welcome to the Future of Money

We are so excited to introduce to you The Currency of Tomorrow. OBXcoin is the coin that is putting currency back into Cryptocurrency. 

* OBXcoin is a Cryptocurrency coin that is NOT considered a security and is not just another stored value coin. 

* OBXcoin is the Cryptocurrency that was designed to be used exactly like a currency...like actual money!!

* OBXcoin is the future for transactions of goods and services and will be lightning fast and FREE for everyone.

* OBXcoin will be able to be used universally in any Global market.

* OBXcoin will be available on multiple Crypto exchanges and from businesses around the world. 

* OBXcoin is also being launched on the most cutting edge decentralized blockchain application and app development platform on the planet. 

*OBXcoin is garnering interest from all sorts of industries and businesses from all over the world.

*OBXcoin is The Currency of Tomorrow! #dollar2.0

*Merchants around the world who accept this NEW currency will actually get compensated back for using it 

and will also get compensated for making this NEW currency available to their customers and clients!

Using The Currency of Tomorrow will also compensate you back the taxes you pay on any purchases?

We know it sounds too good to be true, but this real...simple...fast...ease of use currency does actually exist!!

We are very excited to introduce the world to The Currency of Tomorrow....OBXcoin!!

Merchant Incentives

Business owners, are you tired of credit card fees? Are you tired of giving away profits to merchant services companies just so you can accept credit cards?

What if instead of paying to accept money, you got paid? 

Now you can. By simply accepting OBXcoin, we will pay you a return on every single OBXcoin payment accepted at your location. 

White Paper

What is OBX coin?

OBXcoin: The Currency of Tomorrow

OBXcoin is a coin created and launched by Omminni (Oh’ men I), a dedicated team of professionals who set out to put the CURRENCY into cryptocurrency by solving the problems associated with the ease of use, by both merchants and customers, that have plagued the space with a flooded market of security tokens designed, initially, to be traded stores of value and whose creators are retroactively attempting to create utility for their coins.

Identifying market problems and applying solutions:                          

SEC Compliance:

With the recent barrage of subpoenas handed out to cryptocurrency development firms who’ve knowingly or unknowingly created non-compliant security tokens, compliance is a very important matter for firms wishing to operate within the United States. The creators of OBXcoin understood from the very beginning that to not only set OBX apart and to set the new standard for ICOs, but to also be used as a global, decentralized currency, they would have to create a coin that took into account the rules regarding securities from the first line of code. They did just that. As per the rules governing money transmitters and money services businesses, OBXcoin is a 100% compliant utility, ready to be used by merchants across the globe without the need to be retrofitted to comply.    

 Fees and Taxes:

Another major point of contention for cryptocurrencies is the high fees associated with the transfer of those cryptocurrencies. Those fees make the use of those cryptos impractical as oftentimes the fees would be higher than the purchase price of goods and services. In the interest of it being used as an actual currency rather than being relegated to a store of digital value, all fees associated with the transfer of OBXcoin are immediately returned to the wallet of the consumer using the coin at points of sale. In addition, in areas where sales taxes are applicable, those taxes are also returned to the wallet of the consumer, making OBXcoin not only practical, but an intelligent choice for the consumer wishing to save money.     


Consumer Convenience:

In today’s world, people travel to different countries with ease for business and pleasure. What is not convenient, however, is the changing from one fiat currency to another. It’s confusing, time consuming, and oftentimes tedious. Even for those holding cryptocurrency, it is currently inconvenient and expensive to use as 3rd party pre- loaded credit cards are the only available method in most places. Given the fact that OBXcoin is free to use, it is decidedly convenient to hold and to spend OBXcoin anywhere in the world without having to switch from fiat currency to fiat currency or to cash out other cryptocurrencies before they can be used. Being that OBXcoin is launching on the Nasgo platform, there will be global accessibility, making it that much more convenient to use.

Critical Solutions Adaptations:                              

Verifiable Markets:

Given the volatility of fiat currency and the manipulation of currency value by governments across the world teamed with security concerns, there is a desire and a need for stability, security, and simplicity by consumers and merchants across the world. OBXcoin offers all 3 of those. Stability will never be an issue as the founders coins are locked and can only be released into the market under circumstances favorable to the ensured stability of the coin. Security is second to none as it is handled by Agio, the premiere cyber security firm in the market. Then there’s the simplicity. There’s no need for external wallets or credit cards. The consumer simply scans the QR code of the merchant with the wallet open on a smart phone, and the OBXcoin is delivered to the merchant wallet instantly, without the exorbitant transfer time that many cryptocurrencies must contend with as popularity has created scaling issues that OBXcoin’s creators considered when building the infrastructure.                                                                                                 

Merchant Engagement:

Why would merchants want to accept OBXcoin? Merchants have the option, when signing on to accept OBXcoin to purchase a merchant node (merchant masternode) that delivers an ROI, in OBXcoin, between 20% and 60%, paid daily, depending on the volume and number of transactions accepted as a percentage of all the transactions they merchant makes over the course of a day. Even on days that the total number of OBXcoin transactions is less than 20% of the total, the merchant still receives the default minimum of 20%. This merchant incentive, ease of acceptance, and the fact that there is no merchant services fees associated with OBXcoin like there are with expensive to accept credit and debit cards, OBXcoin is the absolute best choice for merchants.           

Cultural Flexibility:

OBXcoin is a 100% decentralized currency on Nasgo, a 100% decentralized platform, meaning that global adoption of it’s use is likely and simple.  Consumer confidence: Consumers who wish to move to OBXcoin as their primary method of acquiring goods and services can have absolute confidence in the stability, security, and simplicity of use of OBXcoin.

Technical Infrastructure:   

-Proof of Stake: 500,000 OBX is equal to $5,000 USD, staked in an assigned locked merchant wallet that provides download to a merchant node.                     

Merchant Node: Provides 20% to 60% annual ROI, paid daily. -0% to 20% daily consumer transaction (DCT) pays 20%. 

-ROI increases 1% for ever 2% increase in DCT (30% pays 25%, 40% pays 30% and so on.)   DCT snapshot in merchant node pays ROI daily.                                                                      

AiR Protocol (4th Qtr 2018) Artificial Intelligence Monitoring of Inventory controls coupled with Augmented Reality generated Consumer patterns: This protocol will enhance the experience in the relationship between the consumer and the merchant, allowing the tracking of purchase patterns, updating inventories and accounts receivables, and allowing consumers an easier shopping/purchasing experience.                                                                           

Supply: For ease of understanding and use as an actual currency in a global, multi-trillion dollar market, the issuance will be 100 billion OBXcoins. It will be introduced into the market with 10 billion coins initially and the remaining 90% will be released on a smart contract, 10% at a time as certain market necessity criteria are met, keeping the market from getting flooded and reducing the value of the coin.

How is OBXcoin different?


OBXcoin was designed and created as a coin that will be a real, decentralized currency used globally by merchants as an accompaniment to, and a possible replacement for, fiat currency. Our developers took into account the issues with functionality that have plagued other cryptocurrencies and made them all but impossible to use for transactions at merchant locations. Slow speed, high transaction costs, scalability issues, security problems, and stability issues have relegated other coins to the status of being nothing more than a store of digital value, if they have a function at all. OBXcoin’s developers took great care in ensuring the coin never suffers that fate. 

Decentralized Utility:

Being that OBXcoin can currently be used as more than a digital store of value and is robust enough to handle any future volume, it qualifies as a utility rather than a security. This means it can, and will, remain truly decentralized. Securities must be centralized as they must adhere to certain rules and regulations that require them to monitor who buys and sells the coin and how the coin is traded. As a utility, OBXcoin will never be regulated by any entity, including the developers, and the value will be determined solely by those who hold the coin.

Speed and Fees:

-The transfer method written into the source code is built to accommodate any volume of transactions so there will never be a backlog like the ones that exist with most coins currently on the market, causing a slowdown in the transfer process. It was built so that there will be limited need to modify code or fork to create a path that will ease the congestion. OBXcoin is not subject to that congestion as the code is written with speed as one of the most important priorities, second only to security.

-Even though OBXcoin already has some of the lowest transfer fees in the world, we are committed to keeping OBXcoin absolutely free to transfer, so:

-Written into our code, all transfer fees associated with the sending of OBXcoin will be automatically transferred back into the sending wallet in real time.

-During the remainder of the pre-sale, all fees incurred by the purchaser through the transfer of BTC or ETH will receive the amount they purchased PLUS an additional amount of OBXcoin to offset the fees paid by the purchaser.

-This also provides incentive to the merchants accepting OBXcoin as free transactions increase profit margins stifled by high fees imposed by merchant services companies that process credit card transactions. 

-Fees incurred by merchants liquidating OBXcoin will be reimbursed to the merchant.


Merchant Incentives:

As if saving merchants those dreaded credit card fees isn’t enough, we’ve added a major incentive for merchants to accept OBXcoin at the point of sale: Merchantnodes (masternodes)…

-Each merchant who accepts OBXcoin has the option of purchasing an affordable merchantnode. We stress the affordability as many coins have masternodes that cost hundreds of thousands of dollars. 

-These merchantnodes are written on what we are calling a “merchant tree,” which is a modified extension to the existing binary construct of the merkle tree implementation that works across multiple languages (JAVA, Python, Solidity, etc.) What these merchantnodes offer to the merchant is a daily ROI of 20% to 60% depending on the percentage of OBXcoin transactions compared to overall number of transactions combined with the volume of OBXcoin accepted by that merchant on the day. This ROI will never drop below 20%, regardless of volume and number of transactions, but can be as high as 60% should the volume and transaction number exceed certain guidelines.

-We have existing relationships with merchants on a global scale and these relationships are growing daily as our platform is ready to use and offers many incentives.


Who are we?


Linwood Mann-Co-Founder

-Former Chairman of the Board of AICDC

(Alliant International Community Development Corporation) 

-Former Director of Operations of The GHas Corporation

-Cryptocurrency investor, software developer, and enthusiast.

“Great teams are built on creative solutions."


Greg Haskell- Co-founder

-CEO of The GHas Corporation 

-Former COO Wise Elite Associates

-Former Director of Marketing of GiftCaddies 

-Cryptocurrency investor/investment manager 


Charlie Vecchio- Advisor

-Founder and CEO of GiftCaddies social gifting app

-Former Head of Digital for Tribune Publishing

-Former Vice President of Digital at Mspark

-Former GM at AT&T Advertising Solutions

-Former Sales Manager at Living Social 

-Cryptocurrency investor 


Brian Bilbro-Advisor Sales and Marketing

-Former Pharma Rep SmithKline and Beecham

-Medical Consultant specializing in

the fields of Neurology, Interventional Pain,  Interventional Radiology, Diagnostics and DNA Testing

-Sales Trainer and speaker. 

-Crypto Investor and enthusiast 


Bill Haskell-Advisor

-Co-Founder of 6 publicly traded companies

-Director of 15 public and private companies in North America, Europe, and Australia

-Director of Operations at Internet Capital Group (NASDAQ: ICGE)

-CEO of Agcert International

-Principal at Bellview Associates


Tolga Kucuksolak- Director of Communications (Europe)

-Market Research Manager- KANTAR TNS 

-Cryptocurrency investor and supporter 

Frederik Francois- Director of Sales (Europe)

Kooke Arifin- Director of Sales (Southeast Asia)

Jeff Conley- Director of Consumer Relations





The information contained herein may not be completely exhaustive and does not have implications of a contractual relationship. Though we make every effort to ensure that the material contained in this white paper is accurate and current, this material in no way constitutes the provision of professional advice. OBX does not guarantee, and accepts zero legal liability whatsoever arising from or connected to, the reliability or accuracy of any material contained in this white paper. Investors and potential OBX token holders can and should seek appropriate independent professional advice before entering into any commitment or transaction based on material contained in this white paper, which is published purely for reference purposes.

OBX tokens will not be intended to constitute securities in any jurisdiction. This paper does not constitute a prospectus or offer document of any sort and is not intended to constitute an offer of securities or a solicitation for investment in securities in any jurisdiction.

OBX does not provide any opinion on any advice by anyone to purchase, sell, or otherwise transact with OBX tokens and the fact of presentation of this white paper shall not form the basis of, or be relied upon in connection with, any contract or investment decision, as those decisions should made by individuals and their advisors.

No person or group is bound to enter into any contract or binding legal commitment in relation to the sale and purchase of OBX tokens on the platform.

Stay tuned:  These documents are subject to change over time, and will be translated into other languages as OBX and the Omminni platform grows. 

Future of OBX

Coming in the future (not speculation)

 -AIR, our own augmented reality (AR) and artificial intelligence (AI) creation, will allow a more integrated experience for both the merchant and the customer.


-We are in talks regarding a partnership with a social media platform.

-We will have affordable masternodes available for customer purchase.

-Our partnerships with several exchanges in addition to the current WAVES platform (launch announcements by mid-March) will allow for ease of trading and liquidity (again, with FREE transfers).

-ATM machines in merchant locations to purchase OBXcoin.

OBXcoin is making waves across the world. It’ll never be too late to get in as OBXcoin is real currency and money never goes out of style, but the earlier you get in, the better your position in this growing market. 

Switch to ERC20 token/Nasgo

We know cryptocurrency can be confusing for those new to it, so feel free to call (919)-912-7229 with any questions during normal business hours, or email for a more prompt response.


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