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Security Firm Partnership

ALEIGH, N.C. (PRWEB) MAY 22, 2018

OBXcoin is happy to announce they have partnered with AGIO. AGIO is a security standard that helps secure all information systems that make use of cryptocurrencies. By standardizing the security techniques and methodologies used by cryptocurrency systems around the globe, OBXcoin is showing its users they are serious when it comes to security. OBXcoin Co-Founder Linwood Mann said, “securing OBXcoin and making our community feel safe was my #1 goal. By partnering with one of the best in the industry, we are once again fulfilling our promises to every OBXcoin holder. This is very important to me.”

AGIO is a hybrid managed IT and cybersecurity provider servicing the financial services, health care and payments industries. The company has extensive experience supporting the alternative investment space, specializing in hedge funds, private equity firms and asset managers. Agio offers technology hosting, monitoring, management, helpdesk, disaster prevention and recovery, as well as managed security, 360° cybersecurity programs, virtual CISO (vCISO) support and cybersecurity consulting. With nearly 200 employees, the company is headquartered in New York, NY with its Network Management Center (NOC) in Norman, OK and Security Operations Center (SOC) in Raleigh, NC.”

Fork announcement

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RALEIGH, N.C. (PRWEB) MAY 03, 2018

Team OBX is announcing their first forked joint partnership coin (OBXprime) on the Nasgo Network. The OBXcoin is a fully compliant currency created with the future in mind. OBXcoin has just inked two large contracts with organizations affiliated with two major industries in the US and all over the world. Both companies have chosen OBXcoin to create the dedicated specialty coins as hard fork clones of OBX to service these gigantic industries. The first coin the team is excited to announce is the OBXPrime coin. OBXPrime will be released first and is earmarked for the $8 Trillion hospitality and travel industry. The OBX team will be announcing the second fork next week

How does the fork work and how to get involved:

To take part in this opportunity, you must own OBXcoin. Go to for more information on how to purchase OBXcoin. The current Presale price is $.01, but if you purchase before midnight, May 15, you will receive double the amount of OBXcoin. On May 16, you will still be able to purchase, but no bonus coins will be given out. For every OBXcoin you own when the OBXPrime hard fork occurs, you will receive one OBXPrime, just like what happened when BCH was hard forked from Bitcoin on October, 2017. When the second coin hard fork occurs, again you will receive one of their coins for every OBXcoin you currently own, hence an amazing “Triple-Play financial opportunity.”

1.    The Rules. There is no minimum purchase, but the maximum is 25 million ($250,000) 

2.    This is a limited offer and available only until May 30, 2018 or all allotted Presale coins are sold (4 billion, $40 million) whichever occurs first. 

3.    But don’t delay as that’s just the tip of the iceberg and you will have only through May 30 to cash in on this just-announced, blockbuster, triple-play deal. More details coming in the coming days.

Visit the OBXcoin website for more information.

Omminni acquires GiftCaddies


February 13, 2018- GiftCaddies Acquisition


Omminni Acquires Social Gifting Company, GiftCaddies

North Carolina based Omminni appears to be readying itself to expand into local markets and the cryptocurrency space. Today, the company announced its acquisition of social gifting service GiftCaddies and detailed its plans to expand into the local merchant sector. The deal is believed to be in the 3-4 million dollar range. This is the largest acquisition for Omminni and proves they are being as aggressive as they promised their investors they would be.

This purchase marks a major expansion for Omminni, which recently launched a cryptocurrency called the OBXcoin.

Founded in 2013, the Richmond-based GiftCaddies is live in multiple US cities, many of which fit the Omminni footprint. GiftCaddies customers consist of restaurants, spas, golf courses, and many other types of small businesses and the transition to acceptance of cryptocurrency will be seamless for these merchants.

In a news release, GiftCaddies CEO Charlie Vecchio said: “Omminni’s reach and ability to connect supply and demand at scale make it the perfect destination for GiftCaddies and it will be allowed to grow even faster and expand in more targeted local markets.”

For its part, Omminni sees this as an opportunity to better serve its future customers across the US. ”Social gifting represents an untapped opportunity for Omminni in the future and serves as a natural extension of local marketplaces,” Omminni CEO Linwood Mann said in a press release.

If Omminni can use this deal to break the down walls and storm this cryptocurrency market, it has enormous potential to be a major player in the space.