OBXcoin Introduces Forked Coin Offering to Disrupt Transportation Market

With significant incentives offered to consumers and merchants, OBXcoin aims to use forked OBXP as go-to transportation currency.

(PRWEB) JULY 23, 2018

In an effort to disrupt the transportation market, OBXcoin is offering a forked coin called OBXP. The goal of OBXP is to be used as a currency spent on transportation costs like gasoline by providing considerable incentives to both consumers and merchants at the point of sale.

All OBXcoin purchases are fee and tax free. OBXcoin returns these fees and taxes immediately to the OBXcoin user’s wallet at the point of sale as an incentive to use OBXcoin like real currency, not like trade-and-hold coins such as Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies. OBXcoin takes this ideology a step further in their efforts to insert themselves into the transportation industry, offering a 15% credit on each gallon of gas purchased using OBXP.

The 15% credit will be reimbursed to both the consumers and merchants instantly at the point of sale, with OBXP coins being credited to their respective digital wallets. This process will require no effort on the part of consumers or merchants.

In reference to this new forked coin, OBXcoin’s Chief Marketing Officer/US Advisor, Charlie Vecchio, stated, “Accepting OBXP will require no infrastructure change or hardware purchase from merchants. The setup effort required by merchants to accept payment in OBXP is negligible, making its adoption incredibly simple.”

Consumers interested in using OBXP to pay for their transportation purchases can download the OBXcoin app from the App Store or Google Play, or they can use OBXcoin’s web app. At the point of sale, consumers will only need to hold their phones up to the merchant POS system, and the coins will be deducted from their wallets.

Consumers interested in saving money on their transportation transactions should consider purchasing OBXP, a forked OBXcoin currency. Customers and potential merchants with questions or in need of support can contact customer service at customersupport(at)obxcoin.io or by visiting https://obxcoin.io/.

About OBXcoin:

OBXcoin is a form of cryptocurrency developed and launched by Omminni, a group of like-minded professionals intent on creating the currency of tomorrow, today. The new coin, which was formed as an alternative to many of the cryptocurrencies today, aims to entice consumers and merchants with a wide variety of benefits that have buyers excited across the country and around the world. With sights set on becoming the currency of the future, OBXcoin provides an array of informational materials to anyone interested in this new way to pay.