OBX vs Crypto Investing

From having interest in crypto to putting your money into a particular market can be a long road. Choosing the best cryptocurrency to purchase takes time. Using OBX and their merchant services is a transaction that all consumers worldwide are familiar with.

Get ready for the future of Cryptocurrency!

Smart Financial Incentives
Unlike other cryptocurrencies, OBXcoin isn’t a security. That means that when you use and buy cryptocurrency with OBX, you aren’t investing in a currency primarily as a way to build profit on otherwise stagnant funds. Of course, you can hold and trade OBXcoin the way you see fit (which is typical in most digital currency purchase), but the principal functionality of OBXcoin is for it to be used in day-to-day transactions.

Want to Purchase OBX?
Simple, secure, and radically positioned to replace cryptocurrency as we know it — OBX coin is the currency of tomorrow, TODAY. Here, we review the crypto blockchain information you need to know when you’re deciding to take interest in cryptocurrency with us.

Numbers & Growth

When it comes to having interest in cryptocurrency, the numbers mean everything. If you’re choosing which cryptocurrency to partake in, you need to be looking at the stability, current equivalent to fiat currency, and potential for network growth in the future. A quick rundown of OBXcoin looks like this:

  • OBX is pre-mined, with 100 billion total coins being issued.
  • Enrolled merchants will receive mining rewards which are paid daily based upon daily customer transactions.

While eventually there will be 100 billion total coins existing within OBX’s network, the initial introduction of coins will be only 10% of the final issuance. This interspersed introduction of coins, via a smart contract, allows for growth without flooding or decreasing the value of the coin. This plan accounts for scalable growth within a global, multi-trillion dollar network.

The best cryptocoin to transact with will have industry-specific forks that allow for greater mining rewards for merchants and consumers alike.

Don’t Invest – Just USE OBX and EARN REWARDS!

Crypto purchasing can be unstable, but not with OBXcoin. At OBXcoin, we’ve invested in developing the best crypto coin to use from inception . By taking the steps to design and ensure that the systems we use for OBXcoin are compliant with regulations, we’ve been able to make OBXcoin the only cryptocurrency to use. OBX has developed relationships allowing our coin to be used for merchant services and consumer transactions.

OBXcoin’s structure, numbers, and compliance make it a viable and simple replacement for cryptocurrency and an ideal virtual currency to use. Our positioning for global scalability makes us a top cryptocurrency to use and offers an excellent opportunity for merchants and customers alike. With a decentralized nature and a structure that allows for continued deregulation, finding the best digital currency to use just got easier. People looking for virtual currency to use can have peace of mind knowing that we are in-line with the laws that govern money transmission and the businesses that oversee these services. Our compliance makes us the best cryptocurrency to use. Purchasing blockchain technology and using OBX lets stakeholders know that their funds are being stored on a platform founded on safety, security, and ease of use. We are the best cryptocurrency to buy; we are the currency of tomorrow, TODAY! When you’re looking for a digital currency to use in the real world, choose the company that puts currency back in cryptocurrency.