Why Choose OBX?

Speculation and theory vs. actual, practicality


"At this point, all other cryptocurrencies are speculative and theoretical when it comes to their use as a currency (half of the word “cryptocurrency”). For example, take bitcoin. Bitcoin is king and will be for a long time. I invest in it. My whole team invests in it in fact. It’s a great digital asset and an outstanding store of value. The blockchain technology that is behind it is revolutionary, but is it a viable currency? Someone sent me bitcoin the other day (to buy OBX with) at 10am. It came with a $2.21 transaction fee and I received it at 3:45pm. You can’t go to the grocery and spend bitcoin without a 3rd party pre-loaded credit card. You can’t wait almost 6 hours in the checkout line and pay 2 bucks in fees to buy a $4 gallon of milk. The people behind you might get frustrated. What I’m saying is that bitcoin, ethereum, ripple, and other coins, while great digital stores of increasing value, are not practical as actual currency for the time being. Think of these cryptos as savings accounts.

OBX? It’s the checking account of cryptocurrency. OBX can be used RIGHT NOW as a viable, global, decentralized currency for any vendor or merchant who chooses to accept it.

Fees? Less than 1 cent to send any quantity of OBX across the street or across the world and no need for exorbitant credit card fees for the merchant.

Transaction time? Faster than putting your credit card in the chip reader. 10 seconds to send OBX from Melbourne, Florida to Melbourne, Australia.

OBX is a real, viable, currency today rather than some speculative some-day currency.

Buy lunch. Go bowling. Rent a surfboard. Use OBX by simply scanning the QR code of the merchant."


"We at Omminni are big fans of all things local. Everywhere we go, we like to soak up the culture. We love local food, local brews, local attitudes, local artists, and local causes. We donate a portion of all proceeds to community projects across the globe as needs arise. Our first project is the Outer Banks, NC beach rejuvenation. The beach on the island chain is in dire need of restoration after hurricanes and other phenomena have caused erosion that threatens our way of life, from fishing, to surfing, to keeping homes from eventually falling in the ocean.

We intend to be a driving force behind the restoration of NC beaches and other meaningful community projects across the world, and if you’ve got a project in mind that needs funding, feel free to let us know. We may just take on that need."

Business Minded

"We take what we do very seriously. We promised our initial investors that we’d be aggressive, and we’re doing just that. Last week, we acquired GiftCaddies, a social gifting company, knowing that joining forces with an established app with a built-in merchant services platform would boost our own platform drastically.

We aim to bring a legitimacy to the still renegade-style cryptocurrency community. The technology behind cryptocurrency is revolutionary and to bring outstanding business sense to the market is a marriage desperately needed.

Omminni is taking the world of cryptocurrency by storm. Don’t miss out."

-Greg Haskell

Omminni COO