OBXcoin: The Best Cryptocurrency to Buy and Spend

When you’re looking for the best cryptocurrency to buy, it’s easy to get caught sifting through the complexities that define the properties of one currency from another. From different forks to fluctuating values, deciding to buy digital currency can require a massive learning curve — one that can be confusing and financially damaging if learned incorrectly. Even more of a reason to participate with, use, and spend OBX.

A Different Kind of Cryptocurrency

What if there were a digital currency that you could invest your time in that didn’t require hours of studying on how to buy a cryptocurrency or weeks of watching market fluctuation? What if there were a currency that had a steady conversion rate to traditional money that you could rely on for day-to-day transactions?

Well, there is. And it’s called OBXcoin.

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The OBX Difference

OBXcoin is the only digital currency that incentivizes users …Consumers and Merchants get paid to use OBX. The best part about OBXcoin is that you’ll never have to spend time learning about how it works when you want to buy digital currency. You can use OBXcoin just like you use your debit card, but with more perks. There are a few basics you should know:

  • You get paid to use OBX
  • OBX is now live and available for purchase on Crex24 and BiteBTC
  • OBX is a 100% decentralized currency, offering instant, borderless access to goods and services
  • OBX is not a security
  • The OBXcoin app is available on the App Store, Google Play, and our web app
  • OBXcoin is available as a merchant stake node at a steady conversion rate of 500,000 OBX to 5,000 USD

OBXcoin is available and accessible to anyone who has access to the internet via a computer or smartphone, making it a viable currency for the national and international scale.

Perks, You Said?

OBXcoin is the best cryptocurrency to buy because you can spend it the same way that you spend money right now. OBX is specifically designed to function better than traditional currency and the negative by-products that come along with investing in crypto that isn’t truly decentralized.

Decentralize with Us

The perks of decentralization are numerous, but, most notably, the highest incentive of decentralization with OBXcoin is its function as a utility. Because OBX functions as a utility rather than a security, it will never face regulation. There are no rules in place to govern the coin — the value, strength, and functionality of OBX will solely be determined by the individuals who hold stake in it.

Why Choose OBX?

When you use cryptocurrency with OBX, you’ll have access to money transfers with:

  • No transaction fees
  • Taxation reimbursement at the point of sale
  • Instantaneous monetary transmission

Using a currency that has all of these features can allow you to save more money and never change your spending habits, meaning you’ll have access to unprecedented growth and personal financial success. You don’t need to learn how to buy cryptocurrency because we don’t have the variables that you expect to come out of other cryptocurrency companies, and we don’t hide anything from you. You can use OBXcoin the same way that you use traditional currency, just without the exorbitant fees associated with using funds that are controlled via central powers.